Battery Replacement & Other repair


How much do you charge for a watch battery?

  • The price of a watch battery depends on the type of watch you have. Prices can range from $18.99 to $25.99, and we can give you the exact price once we take a look at your watch.


Can I take this watch in the water after changing the battery?

  • No, it is not recommended unless the watch has been resealed and water pressure tested. In order to guarantee water resistance all gaskets must be replaced, crystal tested, and the watch is then pressure tested. For this service it is best for you to ship your watch directly to manufacturer.


What type of battery does my watch take?

  • There are hundreds of different batteries and to determine what type of battery your watch needs, we will have to open it. Keep in mind some watches require more than one battery. 


What brand batteries do you use?

  • We use either Renata (Swiss) or Maxwell (Japanese). It's dependent on the battery size.


Does the cost of the battery cover labor cost?

  • Yes, our price includes the battery installation.


How long will my battery last?

  • Typical battery life varies from 1.5 to 3 years based on the age and type of watch.


Can I just buy a battery?

  • Yes, you can purchase an uninstalled battery for $8.99.


What kind of repairs do you do?

  • We offer repairs such as battery replacement, band adjustment, and replacement pins. As well if you require, we offer a selection of replacement leather or metal bands. 


What does the warranty cover?

  • Any watch warranty covers the movement. The exterior of the watch is based on manufacture defect and does not cover everyday wear and tear.


Do you repair the buckle on a watch?

  • Yes, leather band buckles are $10.00.


What is the process to have a repair done?

  • Repairs required (Battery, Band Replacement, etc.)
  • Please provide watch details (Model/Manufacturer)
  • Local delivery radius (Lower Mainland)
  • Repairs over $40 free delivery 
  • Repairs under $40 require $9.99 fee


  • Please contact us with the above details for an estimate 
  • via email
  • or phone or text to (778) 395-1313